Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sun 5th Jan 9pm "Sweet Symphony"

Happy Sunday babes!

Tonight's mini collection features 2 Smooch Label designs lovingly manufactured from Hong Kong:

First design we have is the Courtney Dress which is a dress inspired from my wardrobe and what used to be a bare-back dress now has a little panel at the back without losing the novelty of the heart-shape bustier in front. 
Our Model was wearing a nude coloured bra during the shoot, but if you don't like to expose your undergarment, a stick-on bra is highly advised for this occasion ress :)

The Cara Dress was inspired by a DKNY label and we improvised by adding a lining, and swapped the sheer fabric to a heavy and smooth polyester which makes this dress luxe and sporty at the same time. It's the ideal dress for holidays with it's loose silhouette yet shows off the right amount of skin with it's unique pleated neckline and a slit in front. 
Also available in white and olive ( all 4 colours were spotted at the store) , 
please note only red and black will be launched tonight.

If you love prints,we have the Anastasia Dress in a runway inspired print in 2 variations of orange and pink. This dress is wrinkle-free, and has pockets which make this dress oh-so-adorable!

We've also restocked some designs, the Frida Floral Dress and Paisley Resort Dress are back~! Check out Extras from Backorders

I'm UK 8 and wear size M for the Cara dress, aptly named because Cara Delevingne was the face of DKNY. This dress is about sporty-luxe and I think it's a great dress for the weekend yet sophisticated enough for dinners simply swapping sandals to heels.

The Courtney dresses would have been perfect for Christmas! Except that it came on the same week and it was near impossible to launch it for the festive season.
I wear size M for this design and wore a stick-on bra with this dress :)

 The Anastasia dress is a perfect design for CNY :)
Wore the orange grid version out on Friday with Carven heels.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014! :)

Confetti! Balloons! Whee! We made it :)
 good bye to another year and welcome to year 2014!
Let's kick-start this new year bright and colourful with a mini  collection of fun tops and dresses :) 

Citrus Grove Dress is a Zara inspired design, it's simple yet invigorating to the eyes, Start the year looking full of energy with this dress in its bright hue :)
Pic Credits to @limrebecca for this picture of her at an event by Next Salon
Love her look so much we had to smooch it in mustard yellow, pink and blue :)
 below is another dress by an aussie label, can't help but note the similarities of the front of the skirt
The Rebecca dress is such a Rara Dress, it's fun and loud yet elegant with its pleated folds in front :) 
All you need are strappy heels and a statemental necklace to make this dress work for you
 Loveeeee the Selma Dress in Coral Floral, despite it's horizontal rows of elastic bands, it still somehow manages to flatter the waist with it's flared skirt :) 

and the inspiration behind the Sugar Hill Tops was from a purchase in NYC 
loved the shocking pink of this top as I needed an instant perk-me-up due to rainy weather. 
Lucky for me, it didn't rain for one day :)
I accomplished quite a bit in 6 hours! Walked from saks 5th ave down to Tiffany & Co's , past Bergdorf's, Plaza Hotel, Lincoln Centre, Met Opera House, Guggenheim, Metroplitan Museum of Art and then cabbed down to catch the sunset from the Boom Boom Room (@ the Standard) 

heh I have alot of photos but these were conveniently taken from my instagram, sorry if they weren't captured very well but NYC is awesome, will go there in a heartbeat if given the chance to live or work there :)
Happy shopping the first collection of 2014!!

Will be back on Sunday for another awesome collection :)

Sunday, December 29, 2013

29th Dec 2013 " Origami Dreams"

Happy last Sunday of 2013! 

check out our EDM for more information of the items we have in store for you!

Months ago , Jo introduced me to Jamie Chua on the night of Prestiage Ball where there was a mini post-party of sorts at Dom Lounge,
Jo knew I was quite a fangirl and insisted to take a photo of us, so credits to him for this awesome pic of me and ec13m(now ec24m)
She had gone home to change and I loved how she wore her white top with an asymmetric skorts for a night out to party. It's elegant yet chic and I completely copied her style when I found a similar design from whatwomenwhat at Mandarin Gallery.

Her top had the same 4 silver buttons behind as the one I saw at Mandarin Gallery and I was like "omg  buy" haha 
The back of the top was not like the one on Jennifer Garner though and that may explain why it's not on her instagram (because she only credits designer labels)

The original  top was quite revealing behind with the straps criss- crossing to the waist where the 4 buttons meet,the smooched-design is more covered up with the straps dropping only 8-9" down from the neck
And now for less than $40, you may own the improved version in 5 different colours!
It's such a versatile top to own, it'll look fab with shorts, skirts, pencil skirts , tapered pants :)

Wore the Origami Tops in white and black on 2 seperate occasions.
I caught the dimsumdollies ( ding dong belles) with the girls wearing the mono duo zipper skirt in black with the origami top in black (size M) 

The Mono Duo Skirt is amazing, it's worn high waisted so it'll look very nice when you tuck in a simple blouse or shirt

I wore the Origami Top in white with the Rumi Slanted Skirt to meet up my senior from St Nicks and now a regular customer, Goldie at Septieme Largeur for pre-dinner drinks

It's a men's shoe shop co-opened by a friend Jacky and Lucas
The brand originated from Paris and this is their second branch overseas :) 
Do check them out as they have some really cool patinas and driving shoes between the price of $400-$800 :)

I heard they'll be bringing in new designs for ladies as well! 

I loveeee the Olivia Midi Skirt  , besides Cropped Tops, it'll look great with chiffon blouses and militarystyles blouses and also with a long cardigan with a lacey camisole 
I'm a UK 8 and wear size M for this skirt
The embroidery on the taffeta is TDF! :)

the Deco Crystal Necklaces were reminscent of Marni Edition Necklaces and it will go really well layered over  blouses for the office :) 

It comes in 2 variations, black and clear plexi baubles :) and I was super thrilled to find this and the Topsy Turvy Necklaces, grosgrain necklaces are so fun and chic and are absolute must-haves!

Wore the lingerie inspired slip dress on the last friday night of 2013 with the girls for dinner at Sabio(quayside Isle) 

The Sicily Blossom Skirt is pure love.

 The prints are reminscent of Dolce & Gabanna's S/S 2014 collection and I love how the prints were captured on a poofy embossed skirt.

The Floral Gauze Top is sheer so I wore it over a white bandeau top :) Love the details on the sleeve! 
I reckon you can wear it with basic denim shorts too 

The Sicily Blossom Skirt in Blue looks much brighter in the photos than it does in real life, below is a picture of the actual colour :) 

Inspired by Zara, the chevron shift dress is a loose shift dress ideal for summery tropical days with wedges or it can be jazzed up with booties and layered beneath a trench coat for wintry days too!

Hope you enjoyed the blogpost, do shop the collection here:
sometimes it's really hard to blog cos there are alot to do behind the scenes, do follow me on instagram :) 
thank you!