Sunday, July 19, 2015

Howdy!! Happy Sunday! This week started out nicely with the On Pedder Preview of Sara Battaglia's Collection and her Fringed Clutches were snapped up so quickly! 

For my outfit, I decided on something summery and casual like the Candice Crochet Top which was inspired by Chloe's S/S 2015 series of crochet dresses. Wore it before with denim shorts on a Sunday out at Quayside Isle but this time, I kept the look girly with a simple pleated chiffon skirt from good ol' Zara. 
Scored plenty of compliments and I'm so thankful I have friends who appreciate what I do for a living, i.e:Spotting trends and sharing it with my customers :) 

A photo with the doll-like Sara Battaglia at On Pedder 

I don't usually attend corporate meetings but this one was not too formal, and this Pinstriped Swing Dress in blue is the epitome of classic country-club fashion :) 
You know I love bows and sashes so I was pretty stoked with the self-tie bow behind and the waist-slimming wrap around sash. 

On photoshoot day, I like to be mobile and walk around. So I picked this comfortable and ethereal chiffon top to go with white pants.

I felt like a butterfly with wings,the off-shoulder pleats and folds are too pretty to miss out.

 This top will be available in red and pink and also a dress-version is on it's way to our store!:) 

Thursday, I met up with someone from the team behind Tate & Tonic, they're setting up a new website catered to  the ladies! 

Wore the Marie Mesh Dress for a meeting followed by girly dinner at Lollapalooza! :) 

Friday was a public holiday, Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim friends and customers! :)

 Thankful to celebrate the day off with a pool party at Lishan's place and I went crazy with the pool floaties.

I really like the unique patterns on the Willow Crochet Top, it's a handkerchief styled top so it's perfect for vacation, and white is ever so versatile! Wear it with coloured or denim bottoms and voila! 

Posing with a Pretzel Floatie in "Seed form", I really should set up a site and rent these funzie out, don't you think??

Oh gosh, an electronic pump is really essential if you want to spend the least amount of time getting the floaties all pumped up!  

Check out : #letshaveakikitoday to see more of our shenanigans! 
Flying Pizza, Flying Donut, and what have you? 

My friends in all shapes and sizes :) hahaha

Enjoy your sunday, but don't forget to come by & shop tonight's collection of white tops! :) 

Here Comes the Sun

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Whoo midweek!  

& launching tonight, we have
"Here Comes The sun"

This collection was shot with Katerina who reminded me of coconuts and sunshine.
Her honey hued skin and beautiful skin complimented the white dresses and off-the-shoulder tops really well and have I mentioned HAIR ENVY?!

This collection is all about baring your collarbone and shoulders, you should already know by now that off-the-shoulders are quite the buzz this Summer. 

The Organza Tiered Romper was inspired by a very popular label from Bangkok-- Patinya
The aesthetics of that brand is simply amazing, check them out:
I love the whimsical and pastel hued pieces, Thai designers are so talented! They just know how to create beautiful designs and love to elongate their legs with cropped tops and high-waisted bottoms.
The designs online are available on a pre-order basis and I respect her for that because Inventory is a real blooming problem for any e-commerce store.

As you probably know by now, we have on board our first intern ever!
 Raeshell has joined us for this Summer and she hails from Boston University.
 I'm loving how she carried off the playsuit better than Katerina, maybe the trick is to push the sleeves further down past the shoulders.

Raeshell will be helping the team post more outdoor #ootds and #smoochoftheday, takes a lot of confidence and hardwork and I can't wait to see them :) 

Took a leaf out of Jessica Cindy's book and wore the Crochet Panelled Top with the Allure Fringed Skirt ( we're left with size S for this one!) 

The pleated curl look was completely owned by Innit, another inspiring fashion label from Bangkok
It's been almost 2 years but I still like it enough to wear this top over denim bottoms on weekends!
Don't even get me started on how Stella McCartney launched the pleated hemline back in 2011

Oh what the heck, for the love of SM and fashion
Here's a flashback of 2010 RTW by Stella McCartney 

curled hemlines in mini and maxi dresses walked the runway 

Don't miss out on this lovely off the shoulder sundress as seen on @Blairadeebee

Shop her look for less with the Lydia Crochet Dress

The main features are the floral and leaf cut-outs on the crochet overlay and of course it's another bare-your-shoulders outfit but wouldn't you agree that this little white dress will make a great outfit for beach vacations? 

In fact, most of the outfits in this collection will be suitable for beach vacays all year round!  

A tip for you: I trimmed off the two loops in front as I didn't want to wear the Lydia Crochet Dress with the detachable clear plastic straps as I always find them pretty obvious even though they were meant to be inconspicuous :P

 :) Happy Shopping ladies!!!

Obsessed with Chloe

Monday, July 6, 2015

If I ever have a daughter, I'll name her Chloe and it's because I've been so obsessed with Chloe since 2004
Okay, maternal instincts aside ... Here are some looks which are still vividly etched in my mind

Spotted some references to Chloe's previous collections by current designers yet? 

This Spring Summer's collection was everything a girl can dream of this summer, I could wear it all year round

You have the coachella worthy dresses, even Jessica Michibata-Button wore one on her wedding day, the leather accent skirt paired beautifully with a billowy oversized blouson and don't even get me started on the gladiator sandals

CHLOE Resort 2015 collection features architectural silhouettes and minimalist pieces

Slowly, but surely... thank goodness Singapore is summer all year round, stick around and you'll be happy with what's coming your way :)

Some looks for less which you may like and is already available on our site :

Cassidy Tunic in White and Mint

The Cassidy Tops which are now available on backorder

The Camellia Crochet Dress

The Heather Short Set